Eivissa: THe cookbook


Ibiza is on the cusp of a food revolution. The island’s traditional farming and fishing culture has been supplemented with a wave of chefs and producers making artisan products and vibrant food.

Now Eivissa, the first recipe book to showcase the incredible Ibicenco dishes Ibiza cuisine has to offer, reveals the incredible flavours of White Island – and how to recreate them in your own home.

Divided into seasonal chapters to showcase the ingredients in Ibiza, the gorgeous recipes reflect the heritage of the cuisine, yet with contemporary twists. Sample a really simply Grilled Courgette Ribbons, Asparagus & Mint Tostada from Spring, or a Grapefruit & Juniper-Encrusted Pork Salad. Try Steamed Mussels with Samphire or Chicken with Roasted Figs from Autumn. Or treat yourself with a Ricotta Pine Nut Cake or Spiced Chocolate Truffles.

Full of stunning photography shot on location in Ibiza, this is a book full of energy, warmth and enjoyment.

Eivissa: The Ibiza Cookbook is published by HarperCollins

The Team

Originator & writer Anne Sijmonsbergen
Photographer David Munns
Art Director Andrew Jackson
Props & styling Victoria Allen
Food styling Lizzie Harris
Editor Cila Warncke
Amanda Barokh

This is my dream cookbook ... A really evocative and delicious collection of recipes and a tantalising glimpse of a beautiful island
— Russell Norman, author of Polpo
Think the White Isle is all clubs and tourist bars? Think again... meet a local grower and chef dancing to a different beat
— Stella, Sunday Telegraph
Forget the glowsticks: the White Isle is having a foodie revolution.
Check out the Eivissa recipe book by Anne Sijmonsbergen
— Style, Sunday Times
...like any good cookbook, it’s worth buying for the aesthetic value alone.
The photographs showcase not only the island’s freshly grown, caught and cooked food, but also its beautiful landscapes and salt flats
— GQ